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We at Vending Developers have been in the soft drink industry for over 30 years. With this experience we have developed a program that is truly remarkable. Our vending machine placement programs have grown with you in mind. We have customers who grew from a ten location route to over two hundred locations and we can show you how to do the same.

Here at Vending Developers. we will provide you with vending machine services that are developed for you. Our skilled sales staff works for you and your vending business. We treat each account as if it were our own location. We will never place a machine in a location we do not think will be profitable. Here at Vending Developers, you will have available the very best vending locations in your area. As owner, operators ourselves of vending routes, and vending locations, we know just how important it is to have quality vending machine locations.

The process of how it works is very simple. First the initial paperwork is completed at which time one half the purchase price is paid. Second an account is established for you with one or more of your local bottling companies. It is very difficult to establish this relationship and if not for our background in this field and currently having accounts with most bottlers it would be extremely difficult to arrange. Third we will send you location agreements with various businesses in the area/county you have provided for us to target. These are turned in to the bottling company for install. The second half of the purchase price is due at this time. After receiving the second half payment, the remaining locations are sent to you and these also are turned in for installation. Fourth you are notified of an "install day" for your equipment. You will have already received our video on "how to fill your equipment" and we will have a member of our company on standby to help you through the process. It is relatively simple and usually comes without complications. Fifth and finally you return to your equipment every 7-14 days (depending on volume) to restock and remove your money.

One of the main reasons we will make you successful is that we get good locations! The biggest reason people fail in vending is that they don’t have productive locations and don’t know how to get the good ones. We have done this long enough that we know the types of locations to target and we have the knowledge to get in the door.

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